About the Ibis Adapter Framework

The Ibis Adapter Framework was donated to the opensource community by Nationale Nederlanden and ING in 2013.

The real start of the product was somewhere in 2001 when a group of people was asked to create some JAVA connectivity between a Lotus domino Portal and back-end applications. The lack of JAVA developers and the ingenuity of the developers led to the “birth of” the IAF. A lot of the extra functionality like the management console was created in evening hours and with a group of three JAVA developers. Ten onshore IAF application developers then developed the whole landscape that was needed by just configuring the application with XML.

When the IAF was donated to the opensource community the IAF functionality was boosted. Life cycle management for the used JAVA libraries was the first focus, resulting in a new management console consisting of a Angular front-end and REST-API to replace the struts based console. Next steps were getting ready for new environments to support the cloud based solutions. A total revamp of our REST implementation. Automated testing of the framework on different servers (websphere 7/8, Websphere Liberty Profile, Tomcat, JBOSS, Elastic Beanstalk and Azure cloud.

At this moment we are working on a total revamp of our JSON support. Validating and mapping JSON to a XML-schema has already been achieved, and more options will be implemented soon.

We still have the same goal as we had in the start: build JAVA code once and create application super fast without even needing any JAVA experience.