Get started with the Ibis Adapter Framework

Preparation – What do you need to get started?

Step 1 Sign up for community
If you sign up with a free account this will enable you to ask questions.

Step 2 Setup a development environment.
Your development environment consists of:

1. IDE (like Eclipse) or plain text editor (like notepad)
2. Java application server (f.e tomcat)
3. Git client to get the ibis4example code
4. (Optionally) a maven build tool for building a war file to deploy
5. (Optionally) a GitHub account to clone ibis4example and store your changes
6. (Optionally) a AWS free tier account

There are hundred possibilities, so we’ve selected two preferred options for you to get started, for local development we suggest Eclipse, this will cover point 1 to 4 from the list above, if you do not want to install any tooling we suggest the AWS Cloud option where you will be able to work directly on your GitHub account or with any simple editor.
Which environment will be the best for you? Make a choice between a local or a cloud environment using this decision matrix.

Cloud (AWS) Local (Eclipse)
Time to setup 10 minutes 5 to 15 minutes
100% FREE
Needs creditcard to register √   But 100% free
Offline development
Needs JRE/JDR √ for maven build
Online accessible console
Required local space 0 MB 500 MB
Unit Testtool (Larva)- √</span √</span
My choice is: