Success story

The largest insurance company in the Netherlands

The roots of the framework were made at Nationale Nederlanden and ING. In 2013 it was donated to the Open Source community. It is still a wide spread integration component in the organisation. It is the foundation of over 100 applications, providing over 3000 services and processes millions of messages.

The Document Management and Archiving department uses IAF (Ibis Adapter Framework) applications for connectivity- as well as coordination components.

Ibis4publishing is a coordination hub, it coordinates all requests to compose the electronically sign archive; email and sms. It processes millions of requests every month and uses transactional processing to guarantee delivery. The IAF console is used extensively to give insight in performance and to solve incidents within the whole chain.

For archiving the CMIS is implemented and even bounce handling is achieved using an emailSender and an office365 mailbox listener, both present in the IAF.

SAP domain uses IAF for all SAP connectivity. In other parts of the company IAF is used for all kinds of file-to-message patterns.