• Generate IbisDoc and XSD and support beautiful configuration xml. The XSD can be used for code completion of beautiful Ibis configurations in Eclipse
  • Use XSLT 2.0 instead of 1.0 for configuration tweaks (e.g. stub4testtool.xsl)
  • Display showConfig jdbc errors per realm
  • Add heath endpoints for individual adapters and entire application
  • Add Google's V8 JavaScript engine
  • Use VizJs to generate flow diagrams
  • Improve 'error' handling in Show Security Items
  • Upgrade Ladybug Test Tool to version 2.0.7

    • Make it possible to specify a transformation per report
    • Fix selecting root node on refresh at some parts of tree of Test tab
    • Return to previous active tab after closing tab
    • Show Compare button after run in Test tab
    • Display run result error (if any) on run in Test tab
    • Fix error on selecting checkpoint with null message
    • Fix error on selecting different stub strategy
  • Add ability to use nullvalues on cmis properties
  • Show class in IbisDoc html
  • Show FileHandler properties in IbisDoc for FilePipe
  • Add springIbisTestToolIgnoreReport.xml to ignore reports in Ladybug based on a session key
  • Change IBIS startup servlet to CXF and register it with Spring
  • Fix date issue where time properties are converted to GMT
  • Revert old CMIS WS endpoints to register each service's WSDL individually
  • Make WebServiceListener SOAP endpoint binding 1.2 capable
  • Add option to add custom views to GUI 3.0
  • Remove xslt2=true attribute, xslt version is now automatically detected. You may override this setting by specifying the xsltVersion attribute
  • Fix potential memory leaks when:

    • NDC stacks are not cleaned up after processing messages
    • using the hideRegex attribute on pipes/adapters
    • consecutively processing multiple large messages in a row
  • Refactor CmisListener to an event based listener, you can now have multiple listeners listening to different events
  • The cmis bridge functionality on the sender has been removed. In order to use the bridge you need to configure properties in the WAR/EAR file. See CmisSessionBuilder for more information about the properties that can be set
  • Several bugfixes and performance improvements

Non backwards compatible changes

  • The dateformat in the CmisSender has been modified to yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ in order to use the old format, set the jcmissender.processproperties.legacydateformat property to true
  • Upgrade minimum require Java version from 6 to 7. Java sources are still Java 1.6 compatible at this stage.


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