Featured changes

  • Refactor ReplacerPipe replaceNonXmlChar and fix javadoc
  • Support Unicode supplementary characters (like a smiley) in replace/stripNonValidXmlCharacters (which is used in ReplacerPipe). In the old code a Unicode supplementary character like a smiley was seen as two characters which would both be replaced/stripped. To be backwards compatible the Unicode supplementary characters are still replaced/stripped (by one character instead of two) but can be allowed using allowUnicodeSupplementaryCharacters
  • Support document(), xsl:import, and xsl:include with config in database
  • Fix NPE in ApiEhCache after a full reload
  • Update to latest Ladybug Test Tool version

    • Bugfix pipe description from old configuration (before reload) being showed
    • Release old configuration objects when reloaded (new object was only used when pipe description not in cache)
    • Bugfix pipe description being showed from other configuration when both configurations contain the same adapter and pipe name
    • Show resources from schema, wsdl, fileName and schemaLocation attributes too in pipe description


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