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Connection parameters

First Step in connecting your IAF application to a SAP System is setting the connection parameters.

the sap system is defined in the configuration.xml in the javaSource directory of your project.

<sapSystem name=”Sap1″ host=”” />


following attributes are possible

attributes description default
name name of the System. SAP-related Ibis objects refer to SapSystems by setting their SystemName-attribute to this value
host default value for ashost, gwhost and mshost (i.e. when ashost, gwhost and mshost are all the same, only host needs to be specified)
ashost SAP application server
systemnr SAP system nr 00
group Group of SAP application servers, when specified logon group will be used and r3name and mshost need to be specified instead of ashost
r3name System ID of the SAP system
mshost SAP message server
msservOffset number added to systemNr to find corresponding message server port 3600
gwhost Gateway host
gwservOffset number added to systemNr to find corresponding gateway port 3300
mandant Mandant i.e. ‘destination’ 100
authAlias alias to obtain userid and password
userid userid used in the connection
passwd passwd used in the connection
language Language indicator NL
unicode when set true the SAP system is interpreted as Unicode SAP system, otherwise as non-Unicode (only applies to SapListeners, not to SapSenders) false
maxConnections maximum number of connections that may connect simultaneously to the SAP system 10
traceLevel trace level (effective only when logging level is debug). 0=none, 10= maximum 0

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