How to set your ignore settings file in Eclipse in an existing GIT project

Step 1 – Open Eclipse and open the project you want to adjust the ignore settings file. In the root of this project is a file called ‘.gitignore’. In this file you can find which files aren’t retrieved from your GIT repository. These files are saved locally on your device.

Step 2 – Add the two following lines to the ‘.gitignore’ file:

  • .classpath
  • .settings

Step 3 – Close Eclipse.

Step 4 – Open your GIT client and move the following files to a temporary location. (for example: a folder on your desktop).

  • .classpath
  • .settings folder

Step 5 – Commit the changes.

Step 6 – Place back the files from your temporary location to the original location.


You should now be able to run Eclipse without trouble and your selected files are now local. If any team members have trouble they can perform a Maven update.