Filtering ladybug reports on Acceptance or Production

The ladybug is a powerful debug and test tool that is delivered with the ibis console. It is a best practice make it default to disable the ladybug on acceptance and production because it can be a hit on the performance and memory use of the Ibis.

In case of a production incident the Ladybug tool can be enabled (provided the user has the appropriate application role)

Report generator enabled: ( on of switch for ladybug tool)

yes will enable the ladybug testtool Do not forget to disable it!

Report Filter: (a useful option to only log reports for a specific adapter)

Default value ^(?!Pipeline WebControl).* change it to ^(?=Pipeline MyAdapter).* and it will only log reports for MyAdapter

Transform report xml: (this xslt gives the option to log only parts of the report f.e. only input and output messages)

Default the ladybug will log all steps in the pipeline.

Open latest reports

option to open multiple reports at once

Open Reports in progress number 

Sometimes a report is never closed, this will open the current(incomplete) report