Code samples

All adapters created with the IAF start with a receiver containing one or more listeners. listeners come in many flavors: f.e. File, database, Queue, mailbox, REST, SAP etc.

In this simple “hello world” example you see an adapter containing a Java listener which will result in returning a fixed string.

   <adapter name="HelloWorld" active="${}">
      <receiver name="HelloWorld" className="nl.nn.adapterframework.receivers.GenericReceiver" >
         <listener name="HelloWorld" className="nl.nn.adapterframework.receivers.JavaListener" />
         <pipeline firstPipe="HelloWorld">
               <exit path="EXIT" state="success"/>
            <FixedResultPipe name="HelloWorld" className="nl.nn.adapterframework.pipes.FixedResult" returnString="Hello World">
                <forward name="success" path="EXIT"/>

other examples will be added here and in the online learning environment that is in the making.